This page examines the people and events that exemplify the civil rights industry. The mass media and the civil rights industry effectively work together to censor facts and ideas that expose the so-called civil rights movement as un-American and subversive.

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Black History Month Resources

  • Black Rap Lyrics call on Blacks to murder and rape Whites - NEW!!
  • Rosa Parks: The real story - NEW!!
  • Alex Haley's "Roots" was plagiarized from a White author.
  • The Truth about the racist, Black Power holiday Kwanzaa
  • The Truth About Rubin "Hurricane" Carter
  • Truth About Interracial Crime:The Color of Crime Report [PDF File]
  • Black History: Afrocentric History Classes Attempt to Distort African accomplishemnts - NEW!!
  • Welcome to Africa - Learn the truth about life in Africa
  • The Truth About the 'real' Jesse Jackson

    More On Martin Luther King

  • Martin Luther King and Reality - NEW!!
  • Why the King Holiday Should be Repealed! - NEW!!
  • The Martin Luther King Jr. Plagiarism page
  • The King Holiday and Its Meaning
  • The Beast as Saint:The Truth About "Martin Luther King, Jr."
  • Attention Students: Try our MLK Pop Quiz


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