The picture listed above was seized during a raid on SCEF offices by the state and local police of New Orleans. Besides the picture of King and known communists, the police also confiscated communist literature.

A list of King's friends from picture:

James Dombrowski - the administrator of the Southern Conference for Human Welfare (SCHW). One of the founders of the SCHW, Paul Crouch, an admitted Communist, identified the purpose of the SCHW before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. SCHW founder Crouch stated the SCHW "was intended to lead to class hatred and race hatred, dividing class against class and race against race." The Senate Internal Security Subcommittee found that "The SCHW was conceived, financed, and set up by the Communist Party in 1938 to promote communism in the Southern States." The SCHW later changed it's name to the more familiar SCEF or Southern Christian Educational Fund. [From the Congressional Record (May 16, 1968),p.E4309]

Carl and Ann Braden - Field Secretaries for the above mentioned SCEF or Southern Christian Educational Fund. The Senate Internal Security Subcommittee declared the SCEF was "a communist transmission belt for the South." [From the Congressional Record (May 16, 1968),p.E4309].

Carl Braden was convicted of bombing the house of a black family and tried to blame the bombing on segregationists in hopes of setting off a race war. [Congressional Record May 16, 1968 p. E4310, citing the New York Times (October 2, 1964) ,p.6.]

Ann Braden was indicted for sedition by the State of Kentucky for her work with the Communist Party. [From the Congressional Record (May 16, 1968),p.E4752].

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