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Recommended Books dealing with the life and works of Martin Luther King Jr.

Plagiarism and the Culture War

This controversial account analyzes the writings of Martin Luther King Jr. and other prominent Americans, examining charges of plagiarism and problems of fraud and civil rights issues which have arisen from plagiarism issues.

Anyone studying social issues in general and King in particular will find this important supplemental reading.

Theodore Pappas Hallberg
Publishing Box 23985,
Tampa, FL 33623 0-87319-045-9

Holiday for a Cheater

Hoffman, Michael
Wiswell Ruffin House
Dresden, New York, 1992

My Awakening - David Duke - Free Speech Press

It is a powerful autobiographical account of David Duke's evolution from a typical American son to one of the most controversial political leaders in the world. His compelling story takes us from his early life and love of the wetlands and forests of south Louisiana to his activism for the rights and heritage of European Americans. It recounts his political victory in the House of Representatives from Louisiana, and his subsequent amazing races for the U.S. Senate and Governorship that won him a landslide of White voters (over 60%) even though he was vastly out spent and attacked relentlessly by a hostile media.

Two-thirds of the book is devoted to his awakening on the most important issue of our time: RACE. He offers compelling evidence that belief in racial equality is the modern scientific equivalent of believing that the earth is flat. He goes on to show its irrepressible influence on the rise and fall of civilizations. In a major section of the book he offers compelling evidence (primarily from Jewish sources) explaining the Jewish role in leading the Western World to the edge of a racial apocalypse.

My Awakening is a reference book for all patriots. It is well-written and fascinating reading. It deals with the most important issues of our time with an honesty and a power unlike any other book in print. It may well change the world. Autographed copies are available from Free Speech Books.

Excellent for the "Jews, Communism and Civil Rights" chapter!


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